NameWilliam Jessup7
Birth21 Jun 1797, Southampton, Long Island, NY7
Death11 Sep 1868, Montrose, PA
OccupationJudge per 1850FCI
Educationgraduated from Yale in 1815 per Scranton Times article
Religionactive in the Presbyterian Church per Mary Frost Jessup’s History of the Jessup Family in Montrose, Pennsylvania
FatherMajor Zebulon Jessup (1755-1822)
MotherZervia Huntting (1757-1835)
Misc. Notes
not listed in Zebulon Jessup’s will

All per Mary Frost Jessup’s History of the Jessup Family in Montrose, Pennsylvania:
-migrated to Montrose in 1818
-was an“ardent abolitionist long before civil war”
-admitted to the bar in 1820
-Registrar and Recorder of Susquhanna County 1820-1833
-presiding judge of the 11th Judicial District of PA 1838-1881
-member of the Resolutions Committee of the Republican National Convention of 1860 which naminated Lincoln
-active in Presbyterian Church, local Temperance Society, vice-president of ABCFM (Amer Board of Christian Foriegn Missions)
Mary Frost Jessup references several bks as sources:
-Miss Blackman’s History of Susquehanna Co 1887
-NE Pennsylvania Commemorative Biographical Record 1900
-Rev HH Jessups 53 Years in Syria pub 1910
-Who’s Who 1961-62, 1966
-Mary Louise Swain Herschall Collection of Genealogical Tables of the Jessup Family, in manuscript
-New York Tribune for May 17-19, 1960
Montrose, PA was a stop on the underground railroad

1830FCI Wm Jessup; Pennsylvania > Susquehanna > Montrose; Jessup, William; Township: Montrose; County: Susquehanna; State: Pennsylvania; Year: 1830; Roll: 162; Page: 16; image 3 of 6
Household (including HOH):
Males: 1 under age 5; 1 age 10-15; 1 age 30-40
Females: 1 under ager 5; 1 age 5-10; 1 age 20-30; 1age 30-40

News1838 WmJessupProclamation
The Wilkes-Barre Advocate (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)
19 Dec 1838, Wed
Page 4
Whereas the Hon William Jessup, President Judge of the Court of Common Please and the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace and the President Justice of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and General Goal Delivery for the trial of capital and other offences for the 11th Judicial district of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;
WILLIAM S ROSS and CHARLES D SHOEMAKER Esquires, Associate Judges of the Courts of Common Please and General Quarter Sessions of the Peace and Associate Judges of the Courts of Oyer and Terminer and General Goal Delivery of the County of Luzerne have by their precept to me directed. Ordered
To be held at Wilkesbarre on Monday the 7th day of January next
NOTICE is therefore herby given to all Justices of the Peace, Coroners and Constables within the County of Luzerne, that they be and appear in ther proper persons at the time and place above mentioned with ther Rolls, Records, Inquisitions, Examinations, Recognizances, and Remembrances to do those things which to their Offices in that behalf respectively belong.
NOTICE is hereby given to all those who are bound by recognizances to prosecute against the prisoners that are or shall be in the Goal of Luzerne County, that they be then and there to prosecute against them as shall be just.
Dated at Wilkesbarre the 4th day of december AD1838 and of the Commonwealth the 61st.
Sheriff’s Office, Wilkesbarre

News1839 WmJessupLecture
Wyoming Republican and Farmer's Herald (Kingston, Pennsylvania)
27 Mar 1839, Wed
Page 4
The 8th Lecture of the course will be delivered by the Hon Wm JESSUP on Tuesday evening, April 9 at the Presbyterian church, Franklin St at 6:30oclock.
Subject - Some of the characteristics of the age

News1841 WmJessupNotice
Republican Farmer, and Democratic Journal (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)
08 Sep 1841, Wed
Page 3
Notice is hereby given that a Special Court of Common Please for Luzerne County will be held at Wilkes-Barre on the 18th day of October AD1841 by the Hon William Jessup, President Judge of the 11th Judicial District of PA for the trial of causes certified by the Hon John N Conyngham President Judge of the 13th Judicial District, under provisions of the 37th and 39th sections of 14th April 1841
August 18, 1841 - 45-3t

Wm Jessup Sr & fam; Pennsylvania > Susquehanna > Montrose, image 1 of 23; Source Citation: Year: 1850; Census Place: Montrose, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania; Roll: M432_829; Page: 178A; Image: 358
Name: William Jessup; Age: 53; Estimated birth year: abt 1797; Birth place: New York; Gender: Male; Home in 1850 (City,County,State): Montrose, Susquehanna, Pennsylvania; Page: 178; Roll: M432_829
Amanda age 52
William H age 20 student at law
Henry H age 18
Samuel age 16
Fanny M age 14
George H age 12
Phebe Ann age 10
Hunting C age 7
& 3 servants

News1851 WmJessupCalumniator
The Jeffersonian (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania)
11 Sep 1851, Thu
Page 2
Judge Jessup’s Calumniator
Mr EB Chase the editor of the Montrose Democrat has for a number of weeks taxed his abilities to the utmost in traducing Judge Jessup; yest this same Chase only a few months ago on the decease of Judge Burnside, wrote a letter to Gov Johnston in which he expressed his belief that “the Hon William Jessup, President Judge of the 11th judicial district, is a gentleman of acknowledged talent, a ready and profound lawyer, prompt business man, and is amply qualified in every respect for a place upon the bench of the Supreme Court” and asked for his appointment to fill the vacancy! Judge Jessup is the same now that he was when this letter was written. Chase has changed his tune through motives which he would blush to have accurately written down and spread before the public.

Not sure if this is Wm the father (likely) or WmH the son who was a lawyer and later judge - “honorable”
U.S., African American Newspapers, 1829-1947 Frederick Douglass´ Paper 1859 July; image 4 of 4;
Source Information: U.S., African American Newspapers, 1829-1947 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2013. This collection was indexed by Ancestry World Archives Project contributors.
Original data: Negro Newspapers for the American Council of Learned Studies. Washington, D.C.: The Library of Congress.
Name: Honorable William Jessup
Other Event Date: 4 Sep 1858
Other Event Location: Montrose, Pennsylvania
Event Type: Other
Publication Title: Frederick Douglass' Paper
Publication Date: 8 Jul 1859
Column Number: 4
“Call for a National Convention”
At a Convention held at Montrose PA Sept 4 1858 the following Resolutions were adopted:
Resolved 1st. That the improvement and elevation of the colored race is an object that should interest every philanthropist and particularly of the colored people of these US
2nd That in promoting this great object releace must be placed mainly on the colored people themselves
3rd That we fully believe that education intellectual and moral id the lever by which their elevation is to be accomplished; that while industry, economy and temperence are immensely important, still education is the great instrument that will render effectual all other means.
4th That as union is power, we would recommend a general convention to be held as soon as the way can be prepared
5th That this committee would invite the cooperation of all denominations of Christians to unite with them in calling a National Convention to meet on the first day of August1859, at Harrisburgh PA and join in a general celebration of West India Emancipation
6th That an executive committee of seven be appointed, with power of enlarging their number as they may deem expedient, and to make such arrangements in relation to the conventionas their discretion may direct
7th That a circular be sent by this committee to all churches and communities where colored people are located, requesting them to call meetings as soon as convenient to appoint delegates to this convention, who shall present us with statistics of the the populations, Sabbath and day schools, and of the general prosperity and progress of the colored people in their vicinity.
8th That all free colored persona inthe US and all others friendly to the object, be invited to this convention to confer on all the best methodsto promote the best interests of the colored race, and to adopt such means as will accomplish these ends
On motion, RESOLVED, The following named gentlemen compose the executive committee: Revs Thomas James, John ANderson, Wm Sanford, Burr Baldwin, BB Emery, Hon Wm Jessup BS Bentley, esq
IN accordance with the above resolutions, a National Convention will be held at the time and place stated. A celebration worthy of the day is expected; and we trust that a Convention will be held which will do much for the redemption and elevation of our crushed people.
All journals friendly to the cause, are earnestly requested to copy this call.

1860FCI WmJessup Jr & Sr fam; Pennsylvania > Susquehanna > Montrose; image 24 of 32; William Jessup; home Montrose, Susquehanna, PA; age 63; b abt 1796; New York; Male; Post Office: Montrose; Roll: M653_1186; Page: 527; Year: 1860; HOH: William Jessup
Amanda Jessup, age 61, b abt 1798 in New York
Saml Jessup, age 26, b abt 1833 in Pennsylvania
Faney Jessup, age 24, b abt 1835 in Pennsylvania
George Jessup, age 22; b abt 1837
Anna Jessup, age 19; b abt 1840 in Pennsylvania
Hunting Jessup, age17, b abt 1842 in Pennsylvania
Next Household:
W H Jessup, age 30, b abt 1829 in Pennsylvania
Sarah Jessup, age 26, b abt 1833 in New Jersey
Lillie Jessup, age 5, b abt 1854 in Pennsylvania
William Jessup, age 2, b abt 1857 in Pennsylvania
Mary C Jessup, (b abt 1860) age 3.12,in Pennsylvania
and 2 servants

News1864 Wm and WHJessupLand
The Luzerne Union (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)
13 Jan 1864, Wed
Page 2
TO WH Jessup for several tracts of land in Carbondale township, sold as the property of William Jessup. Consideration $1500.

Death WilliamJessupBAR
The Luzerne Union (Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania)
16 Sep 1868, Wed
Page 2
Death of the Hon Wm Jessup - Proceedings of the Bar of Luzerne County
AT a meeting of the members of the Bar held at Court House in the borough of Wilkes-Barre on Saturday Sep 12 1868 at 10 oclockAM to take appropriate action concerning the death of Hin William Jessup formerly President Judge of the District mad up in part by the county of Luzerne, Hon John N Conyngham was chosen to preside, and Geo. R Bedford elected Secretary.
On taking the chair Judge Conyngham stated briefly the object of the meeting, and remarked upon the judicial and professional character of the deceased, his remarkable aptness, readiness and ability as a public speaker; that he had known him during a period of 48 years, and that from the time of his earliest acquaintance with him their friendship had been uninterrupted.
Mr McClintock followed in a short address in which he paid high tribute to the abilities of the deceased Judge as displayed both upon the bench and at the bar, his uniform kindness and courtesy to young men, but above all the speaker was impressed with his religious character, remarking that when he was so far protracted by disease as to be unable to recognize his neighbors and friends, yet he could take part in religious worship and the discussion of religious subjects without apparent difficulty…(names of attendees)… the following preamble and resolutions reported and unanimously adopted:
Whereas the Hon Wm Jessup of Montrose has long been known to the Bar of Luzerne county - presided for a number of years as our president Judge with eminent ability and satisfaction to all interested in the administration of justice, and sustained in all relations of life as a lawyer, a Judge, a member of society and a christian gentleman, a character worthy of being held in remembrance, it is proper that he should not pass away without notice from our Bar, therefore
Resolved That we hold the charcter of Judge Jessup in the highest respect - that the recollection of his integrity and ability as the presiding officer in our courts is still fresh in our memories and will ever be cherished with affectionate regard.
Resolved That the zeal and ability of our deceased brother as a lawyer, his purity as a judge, the kindness of his heart and his eminent christian virtues should be cherished as the memories od a good man and most valuable member of society and a fit example for the younger members of our profession.
Resolved That the family of the deceased have our warmest sympathy in theis dispensation of Providence that has removed from their midst one who adorned all the relations of life and reflected honor on all connected with him.
Resolved That thsesproceddings be communicated by the Chairman and Secretary of this meeting to the family of the deceased - to be published in the papers of Susquehanna and Luzerne Counties - and entered upon the Records of the Court of Luzrne county at its next session.
On motion the meeting adjourned
John N Conyngham, President
Geo R Bedford Scretary
Wilkes-Barre, sep 12, 1868

Find A Grave Memorial# 106533547
William Jessup
Birth: Jun. 21, 1797
Death: Sep. 11, 1868
Family links:
Fanny Jessup Muflord (1835 - 1907)*
*Calculated relationship
Burial: Montrose Cemetery, Montrose, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania, USA
Created by: Elizabeth; Record added: Mar 11, 2013

from his son’s OBIT:
Obituary The Scranton Republican Friday January 17, 1902 pg 3 col 2, 3 &4
“Judge Jessup Dead”:
“... Judge Jessup is survived by his wife and daughters, Miss Louise, Mrs. AC Leisenring, of Upper Lehigh; Mrs WH Woodin, of New York city; and one son Attorney WH Jessup jr, of this city: also two brother, Dr Henry Jessup and Dr Samuel Jessup, Presbyterian missionaries in Syria; also one sister, Miss Fanny Jessup of Montrose. Mr Isaac Post, cashier of the First National Bank is a nephew... services... First Prestbyterian Church...interment in Montrose...
....Hon. William Hunting Jessup was born in Montrose, Susquehanna county, Jan 29, 1830, and was a dcescendant of the Jessup family which immigrated from England to Rhode Island about the middle of the seventeenth century. He was the eldest of five sons of Hon. William Jessup, LL D, who came to Northeastern Pennsylvania from Southampton, Long Island in 1818 and made his home in Montrose for the remainder of his life. The elder Judge Jessup was president judge of the district composed of the counties of Luzerne, Wayne, Pike, Monroe and Susquehanna for many years. The two brothers of Judge Jessup next younger than himself are Rev Henry H Jessup D D and Rev Samuel Jessup D D who have been for 33 and 26 years respectively and still are missionaries un der the care of the Presbyterian Board of Foriegn Missions at Beirut, Syria. The only other survivor of the brothers and sisters is Miss Fanny M Jessup of Montrose....
....In 1846 at the age of 16 he entered the sophomore class of Yale college, from which he graduated in 1849 at the age of 19.... was admitted to the bar in November 1851, at the last term of court held by his father, with whom he immediately entered into partnership in the practice of law... In 1877 he was appointed president judge of the 34th district.... he served... until 1879.... About 1889 he removed to Scranton...
... In politics Judge Jessup was an ardent Republican, having assisted in organizing the Republican partyin his native town in November 1854....He personally represented his district in the convention which nominated Abraham Lincoln for his second term, his father having been a mamber of the convention which first nominated Lincoln.He was a delegate to the convention which nominated Gen Grant to the presidency of 1868, and was one of the delegates at large from Pennsylvania to the convention which names Mr Blaine in 1884. Though prevented form enlisting during the war of the Rebellion by his large business responsibilities and the necessary care of an ages and infirm father, he was unceasingly active in the support of the government, giving largely of time and money, and during the invasions of Pennsylvania in 1862-63 he was in active sevice as major of the Twenty-eighth regiment of Pennsylvanis Volunteer militia. In 1863 he was appointed by president Lincoln assessor fin ternal revenue for the Twelfth Collection ditrict of Pennsylvanis, one of the richest districts of the state. In 1871, he was commissioned by the govenor John W Geary, majorgeneral of the Tenth Division of the National Guard of Pennsylvania...
...In October 1853 he married Miss Sarah W Jay of Belvedere, NJ by whom he has had 2 sons and 4 daughters, of whom there survive him his son William H Jessup, jr, his partner in business at the time of his death; Mrs Albert Leisenring of Upper Lehigh, Pa.; Mrs William Woodin of Berwick, Pa, and Miss Louise Jessup of Montrose.”

American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI)
Name: William Jessup
Birth Date: 1797
Volume: 91
Page Number: 61
Reference: NY, Pa, judge, Yale-American Christian rulers. By Edw. Jons. Giddings. New York, 1890. (19,590p.):301-2

Annie Jessup of Montrose 
Author: Philip Jessup
Date: 24 Feb 2001 10:03 AM GMT  
In Reply to: jessup  by:  James Rouse
You may be referring to Anna Harris Jessup, whose parents were Henry Harris Jessup (1832-1910) and Caroline Bush (1833-1864). Caroline was the first of his three wives. Henry's parents were The Honorable Judge William Jessup (1797-1868) and Amanda Harris.

Judge William Jessup, Montrose Pennsylvania Genealogy
Author: Doug Lansing
Date: 1 Sep 2003 9:42 PM GMT  
Surnames: Jessup 
Classification: Query
I have a lot of material on the ancestors and some descendants of Judge William Jessup of Montrose, Pa. This line came from England, settled in Massachusetts, then Long Island, and in 1817 Wm. settled in Montrose PA. He became an attorney, judge, legislator, businessman, adivsor to Lincoln, etc. Let me know if you need any stuff from this line.

Judge William Jessup, pg. 354 of Edward Jessup book
Author: Julie Ward
Date: 25 Feb 2001 4:48 PM GMT  
In Reply to: jessup  by:  James Rouse
61. William Jessup (Zebulon-4; Thomas-20; Henry-10; John-2; John-1), removed to Montrose, PA in 1818, and died there 11 Sept., 1868. He graduated at Yale College in 1815; admitted to the bar in 1820; was strongly interested in the missionary and temperance causes and in popular education, and for many years prominent in the councils of the Presbyterian church. From 1838 to 1851 he was presiding judge of the 11th judicial district of PA. Four of his five sons, as well as a grandson, have received degrees from Yale college; one Judge William Huntting Jessup (Yale, 1849), now lives at Montrose, and two others, the Rev. Henry Harris Jessup, D.D. (Yale, 1851) and the Rev. Samuel Jessup (honorary A.M., Yale, 1863), have long been connected with American Missions in Syria. The remaining two sons are George A Jessup of Scranton (banker) and Huntting C. Jessup (Yale, 1864). There were also five daughters.

Judge William Jessup
    Judge William Jessup, a graduate from the bench of Susquehanna County, was a prominent figure in the law business of Luzerne County in the early days. He was an exceptionally able lawyer and strong vigorous character. His practice was not limited by state boundaries. He had a large clientele in New York City and state as well as throughout the state of Pennsylvania.
    In the latter part of his life he went into coal mining in the upper part of Lackawanna Valley. The town of Jessup is named after him. He built what is known as the Jessup branch of the Lackawanna Railroad, extending from Jessup to the main line of the Lackawanna at Greenville - now Nay Aug.
    The Jessup Company, which he organized and of which he was the head, failed through conditions for which Judge Jessup was not responsible, yet it cost him his handsome fortune.
    Judge Jessup was a delegate to the Republican National Convention at Chicago which nominated Abraham Lincoln for President in 1869 and made one of the speeches, placing the great emancipator in nomination. He was a strong man, one of the giants of that period of great men.
    He was a graduate of Yale College of the class of 1815 and had conferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws.

New York Marriages Previous to 1784
Names of Persons for Whom Marriage Licenses Were Issued By the Secretary of the Province of New York, Previous to 1784
page 197
1780. Nov. 6. Hunting, Zeruihia, and Zebulon Jessup, M.B., xxx. 93

Revolutionary War Service Records, 1775-83
Zeb* Jessup
About this database
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Rank - Induction PRIVATE
Rank - Discharge
Roll Box 69
Roll Description NY

Name: Zebulon Jessup
Event: Lived
Year: 1776
County: Suffolk
Province: New York
Comments: First Regiment of Minute Men
Source: New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, Vol. I - Extracts
Publisher: J. B. Lyon Co.
Publication info: Albany, NY, 1904
Page: 170

Name: Zebulon Jessup
Event: Lived
Year: 1776
Place: New York City
County: New York
Province: New York
Comments: Third Regiment
Source: New York in the Revolution as Colony and State, Vol. I - Extracts
Publisher: J. B. Lyon Co.
Publication info: Albany, NY, 1904
Page: 43

New York City Wills, 1754-1760
Viewing record 1 of 1 match for:
Zeb* Jessup
[NOTE.--Dr. John Mackie was born in Dundee, Scotland, and came to Southampton before 1733. He died May 7, 1758, aged 63. His wife Mehetabel died March 10, 1771, aged 69. His son, George Mackie, died 1813. He married Jane, daughter of Zebulon Howell. She died April 5, 1847, aged 93. Their children were George (who died unmarried), Nancy, first wife of William S. Pelletreau, Mehetabel, wife of Deacon John Rogers, and Sophia, wife of Uriah Halsey. The Presbyterian Church stands on his home lot. Andrew Mackie moved away, and all the property finally came in possession of David Mackie. The homestead of Dr. John Mackie is on the west side of Main street of Southampton, and now owned by Mrs. Mary A. Allen, and next north of the homestead of Henry Sayre. The old house is yet standing. He bought this lot of Joseph Fordham in 1740. The "Pound Lot" is where the second church was built in Southampton. It is on the east side of the street, opposite the Presbyterian Parsonage, and now owned by heirs of Edwin Post. After the third church was built the lot was used for a pound, and was afterward sold to Dr. Mackie. The name is extinct in Southampton. David Mackie left sons, Peter and William, who inherited the property. Both died unmarried. He also had a daughter Pamela, who married Samuel Huntting Jessup, and had children, Elizabeth, second wife of Captain George Post, and Zebulon Jessup. Their children are the only descendants of Dr. John Mackie, now residing in Southampton. The Frog Pond Close is directly opposite the south end of Main street, Southampton. The "Toilsome land" is on the south side of Toilsome lane, west of the homestead of James A. Hildreth.--W. S. P.]

1800FCI Zebulon Jessup and Family; United States Federal Census > New York > Suffolk > South Hampton; Source Citation: Year: 1800; Census Place: South Hampton, Suffolk, New York; .Roll: 27; Page: 69; Image: 187.; image 5 of 18
Household: <10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, 45+
2, 2, 5, -, 1(Prob Zeb Jessup)// 2, 2, 2, 2, -//6 slaves
1810FCI Zebulon Jessup and Family; United States Federal Census > New York > Suffolk > Southampton; image 9 of 14;
Household: <10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, 45+
-, 2, 6, 1, 1(prob Zeb Jessup)// 2, 1, 2, 2, 1// 5, 2

IGI not extracted
Birth: 21 Jun 1797 South Hampton, Long Island, Ny
Death: 11 Sep 1868
Burial: Sep 1868
Father: Zebulon JESSUP (AFN: KBXN-HH)
Mother: Zerviah Rhodes HUNTTING (AFN: KBXN-JN)
Spouse:  Amanda HARRIS (AFN: 1HLM-ZK2)
Marriage: 4 Jul 1820 Of, Long Island, Ny
Spouse: Unknown (AFN: KBXP-R1)
About Ancestral File: Ancestral File is a collection of genealogical information taken from Pedigree Charts and Family Group Records submitted

The early history of Southampton, L. I., New York, with genealogies (1887)
Author: Howell, George Rogers.
Subject: Southampton, N.Y. -- History. ; Southampton, N.Y. -- Genealogy
Publisher: Albany, Weed, Parsons and company

PG332: Jessup Family.
This family is thought by a writer in the New Eng. Hist, and Gen. Register, vol. 10, p. 358, to be of the family of Jessops of Bromehall, in Yorkshire. The name is variously spelled on the records in this country. If this is really the home of the Long Island family, their arms, granted July 13, 1575, would be : Barry of six argent and azure, on the first nine mullets gules, three, three and three.
John Jessup, the ancestor of the Southampton family, is said by a descendant, Mr. John Jessup Howell, to have come to Massachusetts in 1620, but I find no earlier trace of him than 1637, when he was in Hartford; then, before 1640, of Wethersfield, from which he
was one of the first settlers of Stamford in 1640, and thence, as early as 1649, of Southampton.

PG332: 1 John1 had ch. 2 John2, 3 Thomas2, 4 Hannah2, who m. Sept. 11, 1678, Joseph Hildreth and 5 Mary2.

PG332: 2 John2 of Old Town m. June 16, 1669, and had ch. 6 Elizabeth3 b. Apr. 13, 1670, 7 John3 b. Sept. 27, 1671, d. s. p., 8 Isaac3 b. Oct. 12, 1673, 9 Jeremiah3 b. Mch. 4, 1678, 10 Henry3 b. Mch. 12, 1681, 11 Mary3 b. Mch. 2, 1683, and 12 Hannah3 b. Jan. 2, 1685.

PG333: 10 Henry3 d. 1736, had w. Bethia and ch. 64 Bethia4, w. of Joseph Post and 65 Thomas4 b. Feb. 28, 1721.

PG333: 65 Deacon Thomas' d. May 20, 1809, had 1st w. Mehetabel b. 1719, d. June 30, 1768, and* 2d w. Sibyl mar. 1770, b. 1714, d. June 5, 1804. He had ch. 66 Henry5 b. June 25, 1743, 67 Thomas5 b. Mch. 21, 1745, 68 Mehetabel5 b. May 18, 1747, 69 Jeremiah5 b. Aug. 14, 1749, d. 1816, 70 Bethia5 b. Sept. 12, 1751, 71 Zebulon5 b. Sept. 15, 1755, 72 Ebenezer5 b. Mch. 28, 1759, d. Oct. 26, 1838, 73 Daniel5 b. July 27, 1761 and 74 Samuel5 b. Sept. 4, 1763.

PG333-334: 71 Major Zebulon5 d. June 8, 1822, m. Dec. 6, 1780, Zerviah Huntting b. Jan. 5, 1757, d. May 25, 1835, and had ch. 92 Samuel Huntting6 b. Dec. 31, 1781, 93 Abigail6 b. Mch. 23, 1785, m. Josiah Foster, Aug. 7, 1805, 94 Mary6 b. Apr. 11, 1787, m. Jau. 4, 1810, Austin Howell and d. Dec. 25, 1819, 95 Harriet6 b. Feb. 11, 1790, w. of Capt. George Post, and d. Apr. 27, 1830. 96 Fanny6 b. Feb. 17, 1792, m. Sylvanus S. Mulford, May, 1818, 97 Nancy6 b. Oct. 31, 1793, d. 1796, 98 William H.6 b. June 21, 1797 and 99
Sylvester6 b. Apr. 4, 1800.

PG334: 98 Judge William H.6 grad. of Yale moved to Montrose, Pa., and became honored in church and state. He m. Amanda Harris July 4, 1820, and had ch. 108 Jane7, 109 Mary7, 110 Harriet7, 111 William7, 112 Henry Harris7, 113 Samuel7, 114 Fanny7, 115 Annie7, 116 George A.7 and 117 Huntting7.

DAR Member: Annie Jessup Woodin Nat'l #: 4480 Ancestor #: A016729
1. William H Jessep born on 29 - Jan - 1830, died on 6 - Jan - 1902
and his ( 1st ) wife Sarah Filson Jay born on 16 - May - 1831
married on 5 - Oct - 1853
2. The Said William H Jessep was the child of
William Jessep LLD born
and his ( 1st ) wife Amanda Harris born on 9 - Aug - 1798 died on 13 - Jun - 1883

3. The Said Amanda Harris was the child of
Henry Harris born on 1764
and his ( 1st ) wife Phile Bugg born on 1765
4. The Said Phile Bugg was the child of
Joseph Bugg born on (c) 1720
and his ( 2nd ) wife Deborah Hudson
1. William Jessup born on 29 - Jan - 1830, died on 16 - Jan - 1902
and his ( 1st ) wife Sarah Wilson Jay born on 16 - May - 1834
married on 5 - Oct - 1853
2. The Said William Jessup was the child of
William Jessup born on 24 - Mar - 1797
and his ( 1st ) wife Amanda Harris born on 7 - May - 1800
married on 4 - Jul - 1820
3. The Said William Jessup was the child of
Zebulon Jessup
and his ( 1st ) wife Zerviah Huntting born on 5 - Jan - 1757, died on 25 - May - 1835
married on 6 - Dec - 1780

U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970 Record for Henry Herbert Jessup image 460 thru 463 of 561; Source Citation: Volume: 167; SAR Membership Number: 33364. Source Information: U.S., Sons of the American Revolution Membership Applications, 1889-1970 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.
(Page 2)
son of Henry Wynans Jessup(1864) and Mary Hay Stotesbury
grandson Henry Harris Jessup(1832-1910) and Caroline Bush(1833-1864)
gr-grandson of William Jessup(1797-1868) and Amada Harris(1798-1893)
2gr-grandson Zebulon Jessup(1755-1822) and Zerviah Rhodes huntting (1757-1835) marr 1780
3gr-grandson of Thomas Jessup(1721-1809) and Mehetable Foster(1719-1768)
4gr grandson of Henry Jessup and Bethia
*Zebulon Jessup (1755-1822) private 3rd regiment NY Continental Line; also in Col Josiah’s Smith’s (First of Suffolk Co NY) regiment of Minute Men 1776
and (page 3)
gr-grandson of Wynans Bush ans Julia Ann Loomis (1805)
2gr-grandson of William T Bush (1782-1825) and Esther Bull
3gr-grandson of SimeonTerBosch (1737-1814)
(1737-1814) Private soldier in Col Ho,mes (Fourth) regiment of the NY Continental Line; also private in Col Swartwout’s regimant of Dutchedd Co NY Militia

DAR North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000 D Daughters of the American Revolution Lineage Book of the Charter Members of the DAR Vol 084; image 362 of 420; Source Citation: Book Title: Lineage Book of the Charter Members of the DAR Vol 084
Description: Title : Lineage Book of the Charter Members of the DAR Vol 084
Source Information: North America, Family Histories, 1500-2000 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2016.
born in Montrose Pa
Descendant of Zebulon Jessup, as follows:
1. Huntting Cooper Jessup (1843-1897)
m. 1865 Marina Modena Cobb (1846-1898)
2. William Jessup (1797-1868) LL. D.
m. 1820 Amanda Harris (1798-1883)
3. Zebulon Jessup
m. 1780 Zerviah Huntting (1757-18153)
Zebulon Jessup (1755-1822) served as a private in Col James Clinton’s regiment New York Line. He was born and died in Southampton, LI
Birth8 Aug 1798, NY
Death13 Jun 1883
FatherHenry Harris (~1764-)
MotherPhile Bugg (1765-)
Marriage4 Jul 1820, Southampton, Long Island, NY
ChildrenJane R
 William Hunting (1830-1902)
 Henry Harris (1832-1910)
 Samuel (~1834->1902)
 Fanny M (~1836->1902)
 George A (~1838-)
 Phebe Ann (~1840-)
 Hunting Cooper (~1843-1897)
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