NameCharles Joseph Rowe
Birth22 Apr 1805, London, England
Death16 Jul 1849, Cincinnati, Ohio
Burial20 Jul 1849, Spring Grove Cemetary, Cincinnati, OH
FatherWilliam Rowe (~1774-1846)
MotherCharlotte Jupp (~1769-1851)
Misc. Notes
Bapt Charles Joseph Rowe; London, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812; Westminster > St James, Piccadilly > 1805 > 5; image 5 of 21; Source Information: London, England, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials, 1538-1812 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2010.
Original data: Church of England Parish Registers, 1538-1812. London, England: London Metropolitan Archives.
Name: Charles Joseph Rowe
Baptism Date: 28 May 1805
Parish: St James, Piccadilly
County: Middlesex; Borough: Westminster
Parent(s): William, Charlotte
Record Type: Baptism; Register Type: Bishop's Transcript
Baptized May 1805 Born
28: Charles Joseph Rowe of William & Charlotte Apr 22

1850 MortalitySched Charles Rowe; U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedules, 1850-1885; 1850; Ohio; image 29 of 195; HamiltonSource Citation: National Archives and Records Administration (NARA); Washington, D.C.; Non-population Census Schedules for Ohio, 1850-1880; Archive Collection: T1159; Archive Roll Number: 14; Census Year: 1849; Census Place: Cincinnati Ward 6, Hamilton, Ohio.
Name: Charles J Rowe; Gender: Male
Est Birth Year: abt 1806; Birth Place: England; Age: 43
Death Date: Jul 1849; Cause of Death: Dysentery
Census Year: 1850
Census Place: Cincinnati Ward 6, Hamilton, Ohio; LINE: 2
profession: bookkeeper

Spring Grove Cemetary, Cincinnati, OH, Funeral Record; #919
b 22 apr 1805 London, England
died 16 july 1849, cause Dysentery
interred 20 july 1849, sec 99 lot 45
“removed from Presbyterian Grounds”

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North American Wills Registered in London, 1611-1857 By Peter Wilson
Rowe, Charles Joseph of South Orillia, Simcoe District, (ON), gent. Will pr 26 apr 1856. (PROB 11/2231).

From “Le Raconteur” Vol 4, No 1, Autumn 1915
managing editor: William Wallace Rowe
business manager: John Jay Rowe
treasurer: William Stanhope Rowe
P04 “Family Matters” by CJR (Charlotte Jupp Rowe?)
William Rowe (of London and Brighton, England) marries Charlotte Jupp in 1801.
“I have no record of his family. Father used to tell me that the Uncle Stanhope Sanderson, for whom he was named, was the only relative of his father of whom he had any knowledge. He and his wife used to visit them. I think they had no children.
“Extract from a letter from Elizabeth Haines, a first cousin, at the time of writing, in Bristol, England: “Since dear Aunt Mary Anne’s death one knows nothing of our relatives on our mother’s (Frances Rowe - eldest sister of our father) side. We only know that our great grandfather Rowe was agent to the Duke of Hamilton in Scotland and Aunt Mary Anne Once told me that he was descended from Rob Roy Mc Gregor, but I was too young then to remember, or care, anything about it.
“”She also told me that the Jupps claimed descent from Llewellyn, Prince of Wales in Edward First time. We all regret that we know so litlle. Your brother might find out something by advertising in a Lanarkshire paper for any information respecting William Rowe, who lived - I suppose about 1780 or 90”
“Another letter from the same cousin, June 18th, 1899, says: “I know that Grandpa Rowe was very well off (Aunt MA told me that he was descended from Rob Roy McGregor), but lost his whole fortune in some unfortunate speculations, and then his children had to turn out. I fancy that was the time your father and Uncle Charles, who died of cholera, and Uncle Basil went to America and Canada. We all regret we know so little.”
p6 "Family Matters" cont'd
“... William and Charlotte Rowe had four sons and three daughters.
“William Henry the oldest son was a physician practicing in London. He died unmarried. Charles Joseph, who went to Canada with his two younger brothers, and from there to Cincinnati, where he died during an epidemic of cholera. He never married.
“Stanhope Sanderson - our father - who was born in London, in a house on Portman Square, and Basil Robert, who married his forst cousin Caroline Hamilton and remained on the farm near Orillia, which had been bought by the three brothers.
“ The three daughters remained in England, Frances the eldest married Mr. Haines, Mary Anne and Elizabeth Jane both died unmarried.”
p7 "Family Matters" cont'd
..... Stanhope Sanderson Rowe emigrated to Canada with his two brothers and lived on Goodwood Farm for three years. They built a log house and took care of themselves "roughing it in the bush."
One of the tales that he used to tell us as children was of going to the village with a yoke of oxen, where a friend Mrs Mulholland asked if they were going to have a Christmas pudding. On his replying that they had no eggs, she gave him some in a small Indian casket or "Mo-cock", which he hung upon his arm. Crossing the frozen surface of the lake on his way home one of the oxen broke through the ice making a large hole into which he had to jump in order to exptricate his team. Telling of this experience on reaching the house he, for the first time, missed the eggs, which he knew must have slipped from his arm into the water. Return-
p8 "Family Matters" cont'd by CJR (Charlotte Jupp Rowe)
-ing to the spot he broke the film of fresh ice and jumping in found them safely floating just under the ice. We used to think he had earned his pudding.
I do not think they ever felt that they had suffered any hardships, though I think they lived to regret not have selected land near some thriving town.
Uncle Charles left first and came to Cincinnati, and father followed not very long after.
He married Frances Mary Thomas on her seventeenth birthday, July 28th, 1841.
She died January 29th 1863 and he September 22nd, 1881.


"The History of Simcoe County"
appendix"Lists of the Pioneers - Settlers before 1837"
Three brothers, Charles, Stanhope and Basil R. Rowe, came to Canada aabout the year 1830, They were memebers of a Devonshire family, although immediately from London, Eng. In 1832, Charles, the eldest, came to Orillia and took up land beside Bass Lake for himself and brothers. For a short time, they resided at Holland Landing, but about the date just mentioned, came to Bass Lake. Basil, who was the younger of the three, was 16 or 17 years of age at the time of their arrival in the woods of Bass Lake. Subsequently, both Charles and Stanhope went to the United States, but Basil remained in South Orillia throughout his life. He married a daughter of Captain Hamilton, of Matchedash and Penetanguishene. In the early days of Orilla Township, Mr. Rowe was chosen township clerk, and held the office for a generation or more. His death took place on December 29, 1894.
Lists of pioneers
Andrew Frederick Hunter 1863 - 1940
The Villages
"In solving the question as to who were the real pioneers of Simcoe County, one important event readily furnishes us with a key. The Rebellion of 1837 is a distinct dividing line, in relation to which those who settled before it were the real pioneers of the county, the period to which they belonged standing out by itself, sharp and clear. It is with this period that the contents of this second volume mainly deal, except where it became necessary to comlete the History by introducing such persons and events of the subsequent years as seemed requisite, especially the more prominent of those who took part in the public affairs of the county.
DALLAS, Frederick 3/11
DARLING, Paul 2/6
FINCH, John 1/11
HARVEY, John 1/9
JOHNSON, .... 1/10
KIRSOP, William 1/4(Ept)
MULOCH, William 2/5
ROWE, Chas 1/5
SANSON, James 2/9
SIBBALD, William 5/11
SQUIRES, Philemon 5/8
ST. JOHN, St. Andrew 5/6
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